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Time to Join the Spending Revolt!

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A CWALAC Spending Revolt

You might ask, "Why a spending revolt?" Well, we haven't seen a spending crisis on this level in years. We also haven't seen an out-of-control spending binge, like the one Congress is currently on, in years either. The fact of the matter is, our elected officials aren't going to stop mid-stream and fix this problem. It's not going to end on its own. We have to do it.

So Concerned Women for America has joined, a broad coalition of taxpayers, business owners, women, families and policy organizations focused on breaking the cycle of spending dependency in Washington.

Greece learned the hard way. Let's learn from their mistakes instead and avoid the financial mess in which they're currently embroiled. Join us. Visit, and tell Washington that it’s time for fiscally responsible leadership.

Below are some resources we think you might find helpful.


'Wal-Mart moms' will take angst out on someone
Deficit spending is hitting home for moms just as they are preparing to send teenagers off to college and dealing with the declining health of their parents. ... And they're not too happy about it.

Spending Revolt Talking Points
The policies of the Obama administration are expected to result in an annual deficit this year of $1.5 trillion and push the public debt to 90 percent of the economy by 2020.

It's Time for a Revolt
Women understand what it means to live within our means and thus find it outrageous that Congress refuses to live up to the same standards.

Obamanomics: A Summary of the Analyses and Commentary Related to the Financial Impact of ObamaCare on Women and Families
President Obama's policy initiatives — and the tax increases that will be necessary to finance them — are a threat to individual families’ finances and the nation’s economic strength, and they'll contribute to the financial crisis, and vastly increase the federal debt that economists predict will add to the already existing mountain of debt that promises to burden generations of Americans into the foreseeable future.

The CBO Warns the Nation; Is Anybody Listening?
Warning signs are everywhere. The U.S. workforce suffered one its sharpest declines ever in June. Economists claim that “wages are flirting with deflation.” It’s hard to find good news on the financial front.



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