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Tale of the Beauty Pageants

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Alex Swoyer, Miss Naples USA and member of Young Women for America

Smack dab in the middle of what I like to think is the most hostile debate in college classroom history, I found myself a lone defender. The topic of defense, you might ask? Beauty pageants.

Presumably, my position was shaped during the ill-famed 1989 Little Miss Baton Rouge Pageant. After all, I won “Most Congenial,” a tiny plastic tiara, and bragging rights among the other two-year-old girls. This also means I can personally attest to the fact that TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras doesn’t accurately reflect every pageant participant and her mother. My mom is quite rational, thank you very much.

Now fast forward back to my sophomore year in college and me trying helplessly to convince twenty-something feminist students that there are some positive aspects to pageants.

The odds were against me, to say the least. My opposition raised the usual anti-pageant protests dating back to the 1960s — “women strutted like animals,” “sexist objectification,” and “rigged competitions.” Even the timeless “cattle yard parade” metaphor was thrown up a time or two. Still, I refused to back down, no matter how intimidated, frustrated, and utterly outnumbered I was.

But now recent pageant news has me asking the question, “All that defense, for what?”

Did you catch Miss Ohio’s shocking comment during Miss USA? When Miss Ohio was asked to provide an example of a positive female role model, she answered, Julia Roberts’ character in the movie Pretty Woman. In this movie, Julia Roberts plays an ambitious prostitute — not exactly the model example of positive womanhood. What about strong women like Susan B. Anthony, Mother Theresa, Condoleezza Rice, and others who have fought against norms and stereotypes to uphold their core convictions? Thankfully, the pageant judges didn’t think prostitutes a good example either, dubbing Miss Ohio the second runner up.

What’s more, who can forget the transgendered contestant allowed to compete in the Miss Universe pageant? Now young women can’t even look to beauty queens anymore without wondering if they are, in fact, actually women.

Honestly, I was ready to trade in my own tiara after reading these stories — that is until I learned Young Women for America’s own Alex Swoyer won the Miss Naples USA Pageant. Alex is a fresh reminder that there are intelligent, morally upright women dedicated to using pageants as a platform to serve, inspire, and witness to the rising generation.

I wasn’t blessed to have the support of a YWA club that connected me with other conservative college students on my campus. But believe me, facing college — or brutal classroom debates — is easier alongside other women who share your values.

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The Feared “Paradox”

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Any conservative woman who dares to make waves in the political stratosphere by taking a steel-spined stance for what is right can expect to be immediately subjected to a ferocious onslaught of coarse vulgarities from the left. The self-proclaimed “women’s rights” advocates attack these women with the most demeaning, vulgar, and sexist language imaginable.  Why?  Because they fear them more than any other set of individuals on the planet; they are a supposed contradiction, the feared paradox that exposes the ultimate liberal hypocrisy.

Conservative women are a blatant contradiction to their belief that women are inherently liberal, pro-abortion, pro-“gay marriage,” and victims at home, school, and work by male domination. Republican men, that is. This entitlement-prone, victim mentality creates a permanent slave to the liberal agenda and a vote on which they can always count.  However, liberals should not be so hasty to assume that they have a complete monopoly over women.  There are plenty of us who are the exact opposite of what they have so desperately tried to manipulate or — if that doesn’t work — bully us into being.

Where are the liberal women rallying in support around the women hung, raped, and tortured at the hands of Sharia law? And where are the liberal women crying out in opposition to the systematic hangings of homosexuals in Iran? And where are the liberal women demanding equal rights for the helpless baby girls who are killed in their mother’s wombs in China because their parents wanted a boy but are only allowed one child? Or the babies with handicaps who are not allowed a chance at life at all? Or all the millions of baby girls who would have grown into women if they had not been aborted over the course of the past 50 years? Oh that’s right, there are no liberal women rallying for those causes. They’re all conservatives.

Knowing, living, and fighting for the truth can carry a weighty price for some women. A woman like this in political leadership is to be feared and hated above all else and destroyed as quickly as possible. I have heard this phrase used dozens of times, “You are not a REAL woman,” as though the liberals have the right to define what it is to be a woman. They particularly fear conservative women in politics because they are usually impossible to manipulate.

Most conservative women who enter roles of political leadership are not doing so for career advancement either inside or outside the political world. Instead, they usually attain positions of political leadership as their children are growing older or have moved off to college and, after having become aware of the imminent jeopardy of our country, way of life, safety, and the well-being of their children and grandchildren, they are possessed by a powerful “mama-bear”-type motivation and drive to fight this crisis.

Political maneuvering and manipulation has proved ineffective in containing these women, and so the liberals have realized that they must resort to more drastic means — destroying their credibility, reputation, and image by using the over-obliging media which more than happily blasts them with every imaginable slur, falsehood and sexually brazen insult.  After the ugly battle is over (by the time the debris has been cleared and the truth exposed) the damage has already been done, and few are able to survive the aftermath with their reputation, stamina, and respect still in tact.

Here’s to those who are brave enough to do the right thing no matter what the sacrifice.

Today’s guest blogger is Caroline Biggs a Liberty University Chapter Leader with Young Women for America.

Conservative Bets for America

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Across the street from the Concerned Women for America (CWA) office is a park that recently underwent an expensive government-funded bailout makeover.  “Your tax dollars at work,” but at least it was pretty.  Now, unfortunately, the space has become a tent city for the “Occupy Washington” crowd.  Every morning, as CWA employees come to work way before the sun comes up, we pass the park.  They are all still sleeping until they wake up to panhandle.  It occurs to me that perhaps they would have a better grasp on the American dream if they simply got out of bed.  But we know this isn’t really about them being cheated in some way.  No, this is about them not getting what they feel they’re owed — namely, more government handouts.

Juxtapose this image of the unwashed Rasta boy across the street with the young people I met this weekend while attending Homecoming for my alma mater, Liberty University.  While there, I spent time with CWA’s Young Women for America Chapter.  Prior to the football game, I was honored to ride in the parade with our Young Women for America/Liberty Chapter members and some young men in uniform who came out in support of their upcoming military banquet.  Wow, what amazing kids.  From the young man (Kyle) who drove me in his jeep, wearing his ROTC uniform and dreaming about his goal to reform America’s broken foster care system, to the beautiful young woman (Caroline),  aspiring to work in foreign policy,  they all were inspiring Patriots!

The group of about 30 kids finished up their Saturday parade and tailgate just in time for many of them to rush off to the weekend jobs that they work to pay for their educations.  No one whined about corporations having “too much money.”  Instead, they were working hard to be a part of a system that truly has raised the standard of living for people around the world.  No one thought that “rich people” were evil.  Instead they aspired to join their ranks or at least have them support their charity work and Christian ministries.  None of these kids were lazy or spoiled.  They were God-honoring, country-loving conservatives who were not running their mouths.  They were just living their lives.

Thank God for our young conservatives.  They aren’t getting on the news, but they are the real voice and spirit of this nation!  They give me hope for America’s future, and my money’s on them.

God Bless America!