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Defund the Smithsonian

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

In a time when families are struggling to pay their mortgages and utility bills, much less buy Christmas presents for their loved ones, the Smithsonian Institution, which is partly funded by American taxpayers, is promoting an exhibit that degrades Christianity and exalts homosexuality.  Is this exhibit, which has been billed as “family-friendly,” really the best use of taxpayer dollars during a recession?

An exhibit including an ant-covered, crucified Jesus and erotic “art” isn’t exactly what I’d picture taking my family to on a Sunday during the Christmas season.  It’s an offensive and wasteful display of “shock” art.  In a time when we are all faced with over $13 trillion in debt, it is wasteful and a ridiculous use of tax dollars.  I urge Congress to swiftly take steps to defund the Smithsonian Institution for their reckless and inexcusable judgment in funding such a project.

SPLC “Logic” Turns Majority of African-Americans into Haters

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Concerned Women for America, among several other pro-family, pro-life national groups, has been named a “hate group” by The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) because of our opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

The SPLC began as a civil rights organization in the 1960s, but has been marginalized by “gay rights” organizations.  They no longer simply focus on the noble cause of fighting racism and have, instead, become another tool for the left.  This time, the SPLC has taken their liberal propaganda too far.  By demonizing traditional family groups that support traditional marriage, they just put a huge portion of the African-American community in California in the same category with the rest us so-called bigots.

According to an Associated Press exit poll, 70 percent of African-Americans in California (virtually all of whom voted for Barack Obama) also voted for Prop 8 and in support of traditional marriage in 2008.  The very people the SPLC supposedly seeks to protect from bigotry and “hate crimes” are heavily in favor of the very institution that the SPLC is fighting against.

Protect Your Family … Keep ‘Em Close!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I attended a large reception for new pro-life members of Congress and their spouses on Monday night.  It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for their new positions and their desire to change the world for the better.  As CEO of the largest public policy women’s group in the nation that helped to support these candidates, I cannot wait to work with them to pass life-affirming legislation.

They remind me of another group of freshman coming into Congress ready to shrink government at any cost and to fight for morality and American values.  I worry about these men and women, many of whom have young families.  Although I don’t always get to say this, I have to admit that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was 100 percent right in Politico on November 16.  I met Joe years ago when he came to Washington as a member of the House in the 1994 Republican revolution.  He experienced first-hand many of the same challenges this folks will face.  Joe’s admonition to them to “Protect Your Family” is spot on!

It is so cliché — but true! — that families are often broken under the strain of the demands of Congress.  It may be tempting for the members to bow to political pressure to leave their families back in the state so they can “stay in touch with the district,” but it is downright foolish.  The impact of living a life as a new congressman without his family in Washington, D.C., can be devastating.  It is crucial to have the support of one’s spouse and family while attempting to change the nation for the better and dealing with all of the political pressure that comes with the position.

There is no better watchdog group than wives and children.  Wives expect to know where their husbands have been and who they are with most of the time.  Children don’t read their parent’s press releases.  They just want their dad to pitch them a ball or their mom to  help with homework.  Wives don’t care how brilliant their husband’s salient points were in today’s floor debate.  They are going to say, “Pick up your socks, and grab a gallon of milk on the way home.”  Now that’s staying in touch with real America!

Newly elected congressmen and senators should leave all the political posturing behind and make sure to keep their families together during this important transitional time.  Joe is right.  To paraphrase a Biblical teaching, what does it prosper a man to gain the whole world but lose his family?  My prayer is for both the new members, their spouses, and their children to remain close and remember why they came to Washington.

Stiletto Nation: A Case for Leadership

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

There are many challenges facing the 112th Congress and our great nation.  One such challenge, however, lies in their ability to understand the message of the last election.  The Republican majority in the House must not be mistaken as an endorsement of the Republican Party, but instead of a move to right a car (to use the President’s analogy) that is careening out of control and headed for a nose dive off a steep cliff.  One way Congress can show their understanding of why they were handed the keys is in their selection of members for leadership posts.

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) will no doubt become the next Speaker of the House, and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) the Majority Leader, but what about some of the other available posts?  Shouldn’t they go to competent leaders of the Tea Party movement, which tremendously helped to usher in the Republican takeover of Congress?

Concerned Women for America thinks so.  There are plenty of competent and fearless leaders at the ready who deserve a seat at the table.  Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota comes to mind.  She has been an outspoken conservative leader of the Tea Party movement from the beginning, and we think she deserves serious consideration for a leadership position.

Conservative women won big this election cycle, and the Tea Party helped to propel them to victory.  In fact, women in general swung 14 points for Republicans.  It seems time to add a stiletto to the clubby, well-heeled leadership team.

Iranian Woman to be Stoned May be Hanged

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Iran may execute Sakineh Ashtiani by hanging, a human rights group warns. Sakineh’s original sentence of stoning to death for what appears to be a trumped up charge of adultery drew international outcries.

The International Committee Against Stoning reports that her sentence was to be carried out on November 3. Officials in Iran have not confirmed the report.

Concerned Women for America joined the chorus condemning the barbaric sentence. Iranian officials suspended her sentence when international leaders took up Sakineh’s case, calling Iran’s action “medieval” and “brutal”. Even Brazil, an ally of Iran, offered asylum to her.

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed Western media concocted Sakineh’s case. Two German men were arrested in Iran last month for attempting to interview Sakineh’s son.

Please pray for Sakineh and other unknown victims of Iran’s harsh imposition of Sharia law.

For background information on Sakineh and her story, click here to see my article in Human Events.

Anonymous Abortionists Online

Monday, November 1st, 2010

That didn’t take long.

The new abortion drug ella, deceptively labeled as an “emergency contraceptive,” is being sold online by a company that sells Viagra, diet pills, and remedies for hair loss.  All the buyer has to do is fill out a form and pay the jacked-up fee.

Though “intended” for women over 18, anyone can buy it because anyone can fill out the form any way they want.  A minor girl can claim to be over 18.  A predatory man will state that he’s a woman.

It’s a way to avoid “embarrassing” conversations with a doctor, we’re told.  Like, “Does your mom know what is going on in your life?”  “Were you raped and need counseling and protection?”  “Let’s do a test for HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer.”  “Do you know that ella could cause an abortion?”

We’ll hear the usual from the drug’s pushers that this will “help” women.  But how does putting women at risk of predatory men who will slip ella into their food or drink, or allowing girls to suffer from undetected sexually transmitted diseases further women’s health?  When a woman experiences complications, the prescribing “doctor” will be as anonymous as a drug dealer in a back alley.  Clearly, separating women from doctors to avoid questions — or from detecting that the person buying the drug is not who they claim to be — will create more health hazards.

The company is based in London.  Proving that propaganda, once embraced, is not easily relinquished, a British politician repeated the mantra that making drugs like ella “free and accessible” will reduce abortions.  This despite study after study showing that making the morning-after pill easily accessible — even free — does not reduce abortions.  It does, however, encourage people not to use reliable forms of birth control, to the embarrassment of aggressive pushers of the drug.  Morning-after pills are less effective than any other form of birth control.

Don’t be surprised when Planned Parenthood gets in on the act.  They’ll find a way to top this competition.  And they have already begun.  The abortion provider is forcefully lobbying for contraceptives and “emergency contraceptives” (like ella) to be covered 100 percent under ObamaCare.  No cost to the buyer, but fully paid for by people required to have health insurance.  That would be all of us.

Spread the cost around, Planned Parenthood can then hand out drugs like candy, marketing and distributing to anyone who can fill out a form.  Moms and dads will unwittingly be paying for their daughters’ abortions.  Pastors and priests will be counseling women suffering the loss of their babies and other complications, after writing checks for the insurance that pays for offending drugs like ella.

If we need another reason to overturn and defund ObamaCare, this would be it.