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Joy Behar: All Mouth, No Substance

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

There’s a whole lot of ugly behind that smile.

Joy Behar, liberal co-host of ABC’s The View, used yesterday’s show to air her disagreements with Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle over an immigration ad.  Joy took it too far, however, as she said on-air of Sharron Angle: “She’s going to h-ll, this b–ch!”


Instead of addressing the core substance of Mrs. Angle’s argument in her ad, Joy Behar resorted to a typical, tried-and-true liberal defense — she called Mrs. Angle names.  Talk about a real mean girl.  Joy’s potty mouthed diatribe is proof once again that Hollywood is politics for ignorant people.

Judge Rules: No Free Speech for Dissenting Military Members

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

One judge trumps the Constitution, the President, and Congress. That’s how judicial activism works — and that’s what Judge Virginia Phillips did when she ordered the U.S. military to allow open homosexuality in the military worldwide. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said this has “enormous consequences for our troops.”

Congress held 12 legislative hearings and numerous on-site field investigations in 1993 when it concluded that homosexuality is incompatible with military service and there is no constitutional “right” to serve in the military. Judge Phillips ignored the evidence to impose her ill-informed opinion, endangering the morale, health, and security of our military at a time of war. She claimed the policy violates the free speech rights of homosexuals. Yet, for the sake of discipline and respect for our government, members of the military are not allowed to publicly criticize their authorities — or denounce her ruling.

As one service member told me, “It is conscientious Americans such as yourself, regardless of whether they ever wore the uniform, that we count on to give voice to our concerns. … Thanks again for stating basic truths that we who understand what is at stake cannot. … We recognize that, in this political climate, your statements will almost certainly result in incoming fire on your position. We are grateful.”

News vs. Mews

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

“Women in politics” is the topic on the minds of “men” in the chattering class these days.

First, all ten people watching Chris Matthews’ show last week on MSNBC would have been witness to a scene comparable to that of a gaggle of petty middle school girls.  Matthews played GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s latest television ad and joked around with guests Alex Wagner of Politics Daily and MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe that O’Donnell was cute and her mannerisms (and those of Sarah Palin) were “attractive as he–,” but basically she had nothing going on upstairs.

He then joyfully ran a recent CNN clip of O’Donnell analyzing the political ramifications of Obama vetoing his own health care law close to the 2012 elections.  She said it could leave him vulnerable to — and has already seen ads in support of — a Hillary Clinton run in 2012.  Of course, Matthews and his panel laughed this off, saying that she must be making this up.

Big Journalism calls out Matthews and his lack of Googling: “, CBS, Politico, and even Gawker seemed to find the ads on what’s known as the ‘Internet,’ but the subject is strangely absent on the search engine on MSNBC, so I guess we can excuse Chris this once because it appears that MSNBC would not cover it. ”

We “conservative cuties” profoundly disagree with Chris Matthews, and it just kills him.  Why?  Perhaps the young Republican he asked to the prom said “no” and he’s never recovered — or maybe he’s just a troglodyte.

Secondly, Tom Junod of Esquire feels perfectly comfortable saying that “The Democratic Party is boring.  And its women are either old or unattractive.”  I may agree with the boring part, but the rest is just catty.  Come to think of it, both guys are being catty.  So “boys,” put your claws away and just report the news please.