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Talking Points on Ella (ulipristal) the abortion drug

August 17, 2010
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     The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is deliberately misleading women by mislabeling Ella as a contraceptive and not an abortion drug.  While women may be comfortable using contraception, many would object to taking an abortion drug.


      Mislabeling Ella deceptively skirts federal laws on abortion.  Because it is not defined as an abortion drug, it is likely that federal tax dollars will pay for it.


      Ella is chemically similar to the abortion drug RU-486 (mifepristone) and operates the same way.  Ella blocks progesterone receptors, interfering with the uterine lining.  Embryos cannot implant or, if already implanted, die from lack of nutrition.


      Advocates for Ella claim it only delays ovulation, but they refuse to acknowledge that the drug is and acts like RU-486.


      The FDA information for doctors admits Ella caused abortions in animals. It states,  "Embryofetal loss was noted in all pregnant rats and in half of the pregnant rabbits [Ella] caused pregnancy termination in 2/5 [of pregnant monkeys]."


      Human trials indicate that Ella may cause miscarriages or birth defects in babies that survive.  Incredibly, FDA Advisory Committee members recommended that long-term studies not be undertaken to investigate the outcome of existing pregnancies (i.e. if the drug causes birth defects) because negative reports would likely outweigh positive. Instead, the FDA leaves it up to women to find out by experience. It admits on the drug label, "There is little information on whether ella would harm a developing baby." The FDA put the drug company's interests above the interest of patients.


      RU-486 was approved without adequate trials and resulted in several women dying from a bacterial infection.  Over 1,000 adverse events have been reported, including seven deaths.  The FDA is treating Ella in the same careless manner, putting women at risk.


      Abortion providers flagrantly violate the FDA restrictions on RU-486.  It is fully expected that abortionists will give Ella to women beyond the five-day approved usage period, taking advantage of its deadly capabilities to cause an abortion.


      Trials indicate that frequent use of Ella may lead to high levels of toxicity.  Yet, proper trials to discover what kind of complications could occur were not performed.


      Ella was tested on women above 16 years old.  Yet it will be given to younger girls. 


      Women will become victims to Ella being slipped to them without their knowledge or consent by boyfriends who do not want the woman to have a baby.  This abuse has already occurred numerous times with other abortion-inducing drugs.



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