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Tell Everyone You Know About the Obstruction of Circuit Court Judicial Nominees

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Dear Friend,


Concerned Women for America (CWA) has been very critical of the liberal Democratic Leadership’s obstruction of President Bush’s well-qualified judicial nominees.  We have called on you to hold Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) accountable for breaking his promise to confirm three circuit court nominees before the Memorial Day recess, and we have called on every senator to do everything in their power to stop the obstruction of circuit court nominees. 


We urge you to call your Senators again (202-224-3121) and let friends and family members know about the injustice being committed.


We applaud Senate Republicans, lead by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), for their recent actions to stand up for justice in the judicial confirmation process.  In response to Sen. Reid’s broken promise, Sen. McConnell has used several parliamentary tactics, like objecting to dispense with the reading of a 491-page amendment to the climate change bill, which in essence shut down the Senate floor.  Here is what the Senator said in a statement:


“The Democratic Majority has repeatedly failed to treat the judicial nominees fairly.  At the beginning of this Congress, the Majority said it would meet or exceed the average of 17 circuit court nominees that have been confirmed in prior Congresses; yet it has only confirmed eight circuit court judges thus far.  More disturbing, the Chairman of the Committee recently threatened to shut down the confirmation process completely, an action that would break yet another historical precedent.”


Sen. McConnell was referring to statements by Judiciary Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), who has signaled that the window for confirming judges was closing down.  McConnell also added in a floor speech:


“The Republican Conference will continue to make the point that judicial nominations need to be treated fairly, and that commitments in this body need to be kept, and we will use the tools available to the minority to do so until that proves to be the case.  This is not over I assure you.”


As we were painfully reminded by the recent California marriage decision, judicial nominations are extremely important to our nation.  If we do not want judges legislating from the bench, we must make it clear now to the U.S. Senate that we will not stand for political games being played with well-qualified judicial nominations.


We have two action items we pray you will undertake:


Action Item 1:  Call your Senators today at 202-224-3121, and ask them to end the obstruction of circuit court judicial nominees. 


Action Item 2: We have also produced a flyer you can download and share with others through your community and church bulletin boards to help you bring awareness to this important issue.  Please post it everywhere you can, and encourage your friends and family members to also call their Senators and express their concerns regarding President Bush’s circuit court judicial nominees.


Together we can make a difference!





Mario Diaz

Policy Director for Legal Issues

Concerned Women for America

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