April 8, 2009

Dear Friend,

President Obama has taken the first step to rescind conscience protections for doctors and other health care providers. Tomorrow, April 9, the period to register our opinions — and provide a permanent record — to protect the freedom of conscience will end! Please e-mail the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) now to make your voice heard.

Federal laws protect the right of health care providers not to participate in abortions or other procedures they believe are immoral. But those laws have been ignored. Doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers have been discriminated against if they decline to participate in morally objectionable practices like abortion.

Last year President Bush implemented regulations to enforce the laws. And, one of President Obama's first actions was to pay off his extremist abortion allies at Planned Parenthood, NARAL and others by eliminating these regulations. Abortion advocates demand that no health provider should be free to choose not to participate in abortions. They believe patients should not be free to choose pro-life doctors.

That's how radical they are. That's how wrong their agenda is.

If providers are coerced to act immorally, many will leave the profession. Others won't enter the profession. It will cause religiously affiliated hospitals and clinics to close. Many will lose access to health care — especially the poor and disadvantaged who are served by faith-driven and ethical providers — because Obama believes abortion trumps ethics.

But there is something you can do. The process that Obama began requires HHS to collect comments from the public and take them into consideration before acting. You have only one more day to act — until April 9. Then the HHS comment period closes.

Action: Please visit our alert center and e-mail the HHS by tomorrow (April 9, 2009). Urge HHS not to rescind the conscience regulations implemented by President Bush.

And send this to your friends! The time is short and the future of America's health care is at stake.

Thank you for your prayers and action,

Wendy Wright

For More Information on Conscience Protection:

  1. Fact Card on Freedom of Conscience (downloadable cards with talking points to print in quantity)
  2. Atlanta Life magazine provides a point/counter-point on freedom of conscience with CWA President Wendy Wright.
  3. No Right To Choose for Pro-Life Doctors (Family Voice article)
  4. Please visit www.freedom2care.org for more information and action items.





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